social media work

Way back social media started as a way to get in touch with old mates or keep up with the latest
gossip in the family. That’s not all it’s good for, though. It’s also a great way to build your
network and keep up with the latest news from other tradies and the industry.

There are two main ways to make social media work for you. Firstly, it helps get you in touch with
people who might want to give you a job, and secondly it means you can chat with other tradies.

Social Media To Find Jobs

The more people you know the better, and social media is great for that. It’s not just about
making sure you have mates to have a beer with though, it can also be about showing what you
can do and getting more work. Being in the know is worth its weight in gold because it means
you hear about new work faster, and when you do well on a job people talk about it which leads
to more work.


There’s over two billion people on it. Nuff said. Chances are everyone you need to
know is already on there. Look into Facebook Groups as well. They can be awesome for finding
anything local and joining a group can mean more people to add to your network. Even showing
up to a working bee or sausage sizzle could get you a gig, you never know.


Instagram isn’t just about selfies and showing off your new wheels, there are a billion
people on it so for the younger crew it’s the place to be. It’s also great for showing off work that
you’ve done because you can just use pictures without it being too wordy.
For Facebook and Instagram, make sure you take “before” and “after” photos of any work you
post about. That way everyone can see what you can do. The more pictures you have, the
better, since that’s also something you can shoot to a new boss or customer to show the skills
you’ve picked up.

Networking With Other Tradies

For a long time, the only way tradies could learn new skills or hear about jobs was through the
grapevine. If you had mates who needed workers you were in but if you didn’t, then getting
better and earning was pretty hard. Goodwork is just like that, but the grapevine is open to
everyone, not just mates you already have, and it’s a LOT bigger. Plus it was built by tradies for
tradies, so it’s not fussy like some other apps can be.

Get your network started on the goodwork app. Head over HERE to download it and start making
things happen.