If you’re not using Facebook Insights to monitor your page – Start! Right now! As a business owner, understanding who likes your page and how fans engage with the content you share is critical. Without this knowledge, you could be wasting your time sharing content that no-one is interested in!

Facebook Insights can help shape your content strategy and help you stay in touch with the content that works best for your business, whilst avoiding the content that doesn’t work.

Accessing Insights is easy. From a desktop view, simply click the Insights tab at the top of your page. From there, you can view metrics about your page by clicking each section such as Likes, Reach, Posts and People. Each of these provides valuable insight in to who likes your page and how they’re engaging with the content you’re sharing.

The first default tab is Overview. Here you’ll find a summary of your page’s overall performance including page views, page likes, reach and post engagements. It’s a great way to gauge how your Facebook marketing efforts are tracking at a glance.

Likes shows the total number of page likes as at the date you’re viewing it and provides data on unlikes, paid likes (likes you’ve acquired through advertising) and organic likes.

Reach shows the number of people your posts were served to, both organically and via paid advertising. This area also charts your fan reactions, comments and shares and is key to understanding how people are engaging with your content. If no-one is sharing or commenting on your content, it might be time to rethink your content strategy!

Posts is where you can see all your posts and compare the reach and engagement on each at a glance. This will help you understand which content your fans find most engaging.

The People tab shows the gender and age group of your fans and their geographic location. This information can be very useful when considering product development and placement.

Before you spend hours studying your Facebook Insights, think about what your goals are: engagement (comments, likes, shares), website clicks, email sign ups, direct sales? Use your page Insights to see which content is helping achieve those goals so you can create more of it… and not waste time posting content that is of no interest to your fans.


Contributor: Jody Sharpe, Sharpe Design Solutions