ideas for solutions

Being in business can be lonely, demanding work, but having a community around you can help drive you and your business to new heights. It doesn’t take much to become stuck in a rut, struggling for innovative ideas for solutions, or leads for your business. So how do you avoid these pitfalls as a business owner? You build a network!


The traditional way of networking is to head out and join your local Chamber of Commerce or networking group. These groups can be a structured way to not only create your own network but to teach you how to sell yourself and your business.

Networking in person can also fast track the depth in the relationship needed to have others proactively recommending you and your business.

Some networking groups also have regular education sessions to help you grow your business.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have become a focus for the Facebook machine over the last few months. By doing so, groups are fast becoming the best way online to create a like-minded community to help you with your business.

Niche-specific groups like Tradies in Business, are growing rapidly, with thousands of trade business owners, coming together for networking and support. Trying using the Facebook search function for a group-specific to your business.


There are times when paying for the right support for your business is going to give you the best results. Business coaches or mentors are trained in the right ways to help you and your business to grow, the right way.

They have the skills and the tools to help you plan for your future and then action the steps needed to get where you’d like to be. A good coach or mentor is a valuable tool to have in your business to drive the growth you’re looking for.

As always, when networking, be sure to approach others with the mindset of helping them grow their business. Take a genuine interest in them and their business as this will fast track the connection needed to build your community.