general business management

When you first step out into business for yourself, you probably didn’t realise what you were getting into! Tradies aren’t taught what goes into running a (successful) business and that can come back to bite you when you’re knee-deep into the experience. 

We created Tradies In Business because we made most of the same mistakes. We LOVE helping tradies do better at creating healthy businesses that support their lifestyle and family, which is why we’re sharing with you the three areas that are most often overlooked.

Don’t be daunted as we have a solution to help action all of our pro tips in the easiest possible way… but you’ll have to stick with us until the end to find out what it is.


Leaving a lasting impression on customers starts, and finishes, with good communication. At Tradies in Business, we teach our Tradiepreneur clients to automate that as much as they can. You can automate everything from confirming an appointment to asking for a review!

Most customers simply don’t know what to expect when engaging a trade business and rather than allowing them to make assumptions (which will often be incorrect) you can send a text or email educating them on what to expect. 

A quick text confirmation, followed by a reminder half an hour before showing up can reduce the instances of no shows. This saves you time, money and stress!

An email outlining what to expect when you’re on the job and detailing any of your requirements (like clearing the sink you’ll be working ons, or emptying the cupboard where the pipes are) will again save you time and give the client a better outcome. 

Pro Tip #1 – Create a list of text and email messages you could educate your clients with today.

Money Management

Quoting and invoicing are two of the biggest pain points in most trade businesses, and yet it’s money you need to support the lifestyle you are working to create! 

Sadly, this is rarely enough motivation. So many business owners struggle to find the time to quickly and effectively quote and invoice. 

With great software, and a little set up time, you can create a system that will support you in the field to get quotes and invoices in ASAP! 

Pro Tip #2 – Combining this software solution with your communication solution, will assist you in increasing the jobs you win and create a more consistent cash flow with simple follow up reminders.


Neither of the above is even an issue if your potential clients have never heard of you! Gaining exposure is essential for all businesses, even the ones that usually rely on word-of-mouth. 

There are several low cost options for creating exposure for your business. Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile), social media and websites are all great, inexpensive ways to promote your business. 

Both Google My Business and social media require regular posting to push your page into the algorithm, and your website will need frequent updates to ensure your clients are getting the right information at the right time. 

Pro Tip #3 – Set aside time monthly to plan and create content for your business exposure.


Now, what if I told you that we found a solution to all three of these commonly neglected business areas and better still it’s ALL in one software! 

Introducing Thryv – an end-to-end client experience software for growing small businesses.

Thryv supports trade business owners with several different options to suit your business needs, from getting the job, through to the final payment of the job and most in between.

Tradies in Business is proudly partnering with Thryv to bring you a special competition where you could win the following prizes:


  • $15,000 in cash to invest in your business
  • 12-month free subscription to Thryv software, including an onboarding session tailored to your business and unlimited 24/7 support 
  • Business coaching session with us
  • A social media mentoring session with The Small Business Community.

Two runners-up 

  • $5,000 in cash each to help grow your business
  • 12-month free subscription to Thryv software, including an onboarding session tailored to your business and unlimited 24/7 support

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