Business Excellence Awards

We were stoked to announce the winners of the Tradies in Business Excellence Awards at our first ever Tradies in Business conference. We are so proud of all the tradies that took home an award, and for all those that entered.

Minor Awards Winners

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd

This award recognises a business that has kicked some ass online. John Dale Motors is an Automotive Repair & Servicing Workshop located on the Central Coast NSW, owned by Megan and Adam since 2002, with a team of 13. The judges were impressed with their implementation of an innovative online video system which helps engage their clients and get them more involved in their car repairs.

Stuart Clear from Kerry Clear Plumbing

This award recognises a boss who’s a bloody legend. Leading people can be a thankless job that’s why this award goes to a boss who absolutely rocks. Stuart has been leading Kerry Clear Plumbing since April. He now runs a team of 3 including two tradesmen and admin staff. On the award entry, it states “Stuart is just a good guy. A good guy to his business, his team, his friends and to his family. He is always the first one to shout a round of beers and strives for greatness. He is confronted with so many barriers in his life and that never stops him from being the good guy, the caring guy, the considerate guy! We feel so lucky that he is our boss!” And this obviously shone through in the submission, as the judges seemed to agree!

Beau & Co Construction

This award recognises a business that has been in the sh*t and successfully crawled out of it. Ash and Beau from Beau & Co Construction have shown impressive determination, true commitment and a lot of grit to get their business to the successful position of where it is today, and their financial position and personal wins reflect this. The judges agreed this was a strong application, with good detail.

Tree Amigos

This award goes to a business/employee who recognises the importance of having encouraging, open, honest and REAL conversations. Tree Amigos‘ biggest mental health initiative to date has been the introduction of their Employee Assistance Program, which is a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees. The judges were impressed that several elements have been implemented in the initiative. They also loved the humour, and the way Tams personality showed through in his entry.

Clear Plumbing

This award isn’t comparing a new business with an established one – it’s recognising the challenges of being a start-up and celebrating the wins. Kylie and Stuart officially took over Kerry Clear Plumbing from Stuart’s parents in April 2022. And while Stuart and previous staff had learnt the trade and skills from Kerry, there was nothing set up on the business side. Kylie and Stuart were inspired to start up their business to continue the legacy that Stuart’s parents set up – good quality plumbing and advice. The judges recognised Clear Plumbing’s commitment to their education as business owners, and their positive steps moving forward.

Amii Jones from Touchwood Trees

This award is for the unsung heroes of business. They’re the critical behind-the-scenes people that make things happen – the wind beneath your wings.

Amii is the General Manager of Touchwood Trees, a business she and her hubby started back in 2011. Her role consists of every aspect of business management from HR, admin, business development, marketing, system writer and implementer, AKA The REAL BOSS. And over the last 12 months we can also throw in school teacher too after being forced into homeschooling during covid. The judges all agreed Amii is the REAL BOSS, and a fantastic one at that.

Patrick Goodwin from Devo Designs

This award recognises an apprentice that bloody excels. Paddy started with Luke & Renata from Devo Designs; A 22 year old who was working in the deli at Woolies. A short 2 years later, he is a 24 year old man who has found a career he loves and had never dreamed about being successful in. He is a massive contributor to the team culture at Devo Designs, and they foster his quirkiness and love of team activities. The judges all agreed this was great submission, and the supporting documents with the team’s comments were a great demonstration of what a valued team member Paddy is.

Major Awards Winners

MOA Heavy Diesel Pty Ltd

This award recognises a business that is a one-person show – you’re in charge of the books, marketing, and everything else as WELL as the doing – and your business absolutely rocks the (King Gee) socks off the competition!

MOA was founded in late 2021, and has continued to go from strength to strength in its year of operation. Ben’s passion and enthusiasm are truly unmatched in the industry. It has been unheard of for such a new, small company of one, to have the systems and structure that rivals some of its bigger competitors. The judges are really excited to see what the future holds for MOA.

Touchwood Tree Services

This award recognises a business with between one and four employees (ie a team of five or less including the owner) and which absolutely rocks the (King Gee) socks off the competition!

Touchwood Tree Services was established in 2011. What stood out for the judges in this entry was Brendan and Amii’s commitment to continually working on themselves, as well as their business. Throughout their journey as business owners, they have learnt to become more comfortable being uncomfortable, which has led to amazing growth in their business, with some of their greatest achievements coming from the willingness to embrace the discomfort.

The judges were impressed with their client retention rate, which is exceptional, with some clients being with them since they first started out 11 years ago. As well as their google reviews, of which they currently have 96 google reviews with 95 of them being 5 stars.

Trethowan Building Pty Ltd

This award recognises a business that has a team of five-plus employees and absolutely rocks the (King Gee) socks off the competition!

Trethowan Building was established in 2017, after Liam decided to put his passion for quality and timeless design into his own residential building company, with Samara joining the team as Business Manager in 2020. Trethowan Building define their success by the way of progression – working their way up from small renovations to building custom home builds and commercial projects. 

The judges were impressed with the detailed written submission and the supporting evidence provided, and all agreed that Trethowan Building really is top of their trade!

Trethowan Building Pty Ltd

This award is the big one. The grand daddy (or mummy) of them all. It’s the award to end all awards, well until next year at least! This award recognises the overall winner of all the major categories regardless of your size (did someone say David and Goliath?)

Beginning as a literal chippy swinging a hammer, Trethowan Building has gone from strength to strength since kicking off in 2017.

Directors Liam and Samara have experienced some incredible growth but it hasn’t been without their fair share of struggle. From employee dramas to contractor issues, problem clients and personal burnout, Trethowan Building has managed to overcome all these challenges to continue to build (pardon the pun!) a strong business with impressive results.

Their systems, processes and focus on quality projects for quality people sees them poised for continued growth into the coming years.

The judging team is looking forward to seeing Trethowan Building’s entry next year for the Excellence Awards and many years to come!

We would like to thank our amazing judges. We really appreciate the time and effort you put in to judge all the awesome entries – it wouldn’t have been an easy decision! We would also like to give a shoutout to our conference sponsor, Fergus.


Kristy-Lee Billett, The Footprint Group
Jackson Millan, The Wealth Mentor
Scott Trevethan, Financial Fanatics

Business Excellence Awards