Cowboys. They’re everywhere. At least that’s how it seems sometimes. Especially when you’re running your business and seem to come up against lower priced, less experienced, inferior quality tradesmen.

Problem is, the same is true for almost every other industry and the cloud technology sector is no exception.

It can be a huge decision to get ‘up in the cloud’ or change job management software.  While it can take some time and money to do so, it can also be a massive investment in the future growth and sustainability of your trade or contracting business.

When it comes to getting cloud based software and systems set up in your business there are good advisers… and then there are, well, some others.

We have heard heaps of horror stories when it comes to technology and tradies so make sure to do your homework first.  We always suggest to get at least 2 proposals.

To help you make the right decisions we have developed these ten questions you should ask any new technology provider or cloud integrator partners before proceeding.

10 Key questions to ask your technology provider

  1. Why have you chosen this particular solution/software for my business?

  2. What other solutions did you consider?

  3. What are the limitations of this solution I should be aware of?

  4. How many implementations of this solution have you done?

  5. How many implementations have you done into businesses like mine?

  6. How many clients in total do you have?

  7. Can I speak with some of your clients that have this solution?

  8. Is the training done remotely or in-person?

  9. What kind of support do you provide after implementation?

  10. What if I require further changes or customisation after the initial implementation?


Like these questions?  Instantly download our Technology Provider Questionnaire to take to your next meeting and be confident you’re choosing the best partner for your business growth.