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TBS167 Simple hacks to help you take a break from your business
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Today Warrick and Michaela share some tips on getting the most from your summer break away from  your business. 

This episode is proudly supported by Bridge: 


Break-up with paperwork today and run your business on the go with Bridge.

Bridge is like the bacon & egg roll of apps for your tradie business.

Bridge keeps all your jobs, photos, notes and contacts in one place, so you can ditch the spreadsheets, paper notes and playing customer phone-tag.


The easy-to-use software is purpose built for small businesses wanting smart technology, without the boring manuals and the need for excessive setup and training.

Bridge helps you send professional quotes & invoices on site and know when customers have viewed, accepted and paid you!

The Melbourne-based, Australian team are dedicated to helping tradies ditch the paperwork and spend more time doing what they love.

How does Bridge improve your  daily Tradie Business?

Bridge is an easy to use app that helps you streamline your daily job management.

  • Quote & invoice on site
  • Photos and job notes are saved with the right customer
  • Your dashboard gives you an instant snap-shot of your business
  • Your quote transfers into an invoice, so no double handling
  • Receive alerts when your customer has viewed, approved and made a payment
  • No more paperwork, losing notes or getting behind on invoicing
  • Work on the go, so when you get home, you can do more of the stuff you love

For Tradies Business Toolkit members, Bridge have offered an exclusive deal of a 90 day money back guarantee.    

Sign up to a $20/month Bridge account and you have a 90-day money back guarantee. That’s 90-days to streamline your business, ditch the paperwork and get professional, without the risk!

We are sure you will fall in love with the app but if not, you get a full refund so you have nothing to lose (except the paperwork!!)

So join the Toolkit and take advantage of this offer today.



Tradies In Business

Ft. Nicole And Warrick

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, builder, motor mechanic, landscaper, tiler, glazier, painter, carpenter, concretor or any of the myriad of trades and contractors that keep the world running, this podcast has been produced with you in mind. Your hosts, Warrick ‘Waz’ Bidwell and Nicole ‘Nic’ Cox, were both born into tradie families and have first hand experience of the gut busting, money stress and pressures that trade businesses can place on their owners and their families! Nic and Waz strongly believe in the opportunity that exists for all tradie business owners to create a flexible, financially secure business for now and for their families’ future. Waz and Nic interview guests on a range of topics such as marketing, finance, human resources, legal issues, mindset, motivation, physical and mental health, industry updates and more! They love a laugh and a good story so tune in for a unique look at how to ‘get off the tools’ and break the cycle of financial hardship and stress to create the trade business you really wanted!


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