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Want to find success for your business? The Tradiepreneur Ladies Only Program is for you—because we’re Business Building Without the Bullsh*t

Launching In..

2023/09/30 08:00:00

Does business currently look a little like this?

Your tradie is working all hours…
He’s stressed…
Not sleeping well…
Barely has time for you, let alone the kids

There’s no money…
Your Team keeps letting you down…
You keep wasting time with tyre kickers

Sound familiar? What if I told you that YOU are the key to creating the change you both want to see in your business?

You are not alone!

This is exactly where I started my business journey with our building company. No systems, No structure, and plenty of STRESS!! All the STRESS!! There was no money, the team kept letting us down, we couldn’t take a holiday, and we had terrible customers. It was so bad it led to my builder husband having the first of several breakdowns.

Yes! It can be different

I’ve been able to do things that I never thought that I would be able to still do. I’ve taken a couple of days a week to do Pilates, the kids and I ride our bikes to school every morning. We took four weeks off to go to Tasmania. And if we weren’t in our own business, we wouldn’t have the time to do things like that. Brad gets to come to sports with the kids, and I get to have him around a lot more and we’re working together. I feel like we’re a really good team and we’re working hard, and we’ve got great coaches that are helping us and supporting us to kick goals and make goals for ourselves and turning us into better people that we couldn’t have been without them. It’s been a wonderful opportunity.

– Tara Rogers

What makes the ladies program different?

So many wives are the backbone of trade businesses. We start out “just helping with the paperwork” and yet with our transferable skills and some direction, we can be running the business alongside our tradies.

Well, business is not “one size fits all”. In fact, every trade business we have worked with has faced totally unique challenges at different stages of their business journey. So we begin at your beginning. We need to understand where your business is at to help you create a plan to move forward.

From there, we directly support YOU, the trade wife, to implement the structural change that will create the business you both desire.

Take a moment to imagine what life could be like…

No Arguments

Sleeping Through The Night

Family Time


Time For YOU

With support, structure and some work – it can happen!

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Take the Lead in Your Trade Business

If you’re ready to step into leading the change in your business while being supported by kick arse women who have already led the change… Then I invite you to join us!

Hello! I’m Nic, Nicole or Coxie!!

One half of Tradies in Business. I’ll be right by your side throughout your journey.
Like you, I’m a tradie wife and I’m also a tradie Mum, tradie Daughter, tradie Daughter in law, tradie Sister and tradie Sister in law.Yep, I’m surrounded by tradies!
I landed in our then building company when my builder had the first of several breakdowns, and I had to wade through the mess that was our business.
I shared much of my journey on my blog The Builder’s Wife, which led many women who were facing the same struggles as me to reach out for help.
I knew there had to be a better way!
Together with my good friend and business partner Waz, we created Tradies in Business and the Tradiepreneur program which has been helping businesses just like yours create the change needed to achieve their lifestyle goals for several years.

In over 20 years of business, we’d never had a decent holiday. Last year we managed three. There’s been a lot less late nights quoting and no more weekend work just to make ends meet. We’re so much happier in our home life.

– Lara

We were so lucky to be able to travel overseas for two weeks this year with our family – we went to Fiji and the business ran without us. We were able to completely switch off and head off on holidays. That would never have been achievable 12 months ago. We are much more engaged within our lifestyle and our priorities, our well-being. We understand now that it’s a balance and we can’t just keep working ourselves into the ground.

– Kylie

What’s in the Program?

Let’s take a look at what is included in the Tradiepreneur Ladies Only program

Program Inclusion #1

Program Induction Training, Goal Setting, Business Plan

Our team will take you through your induction, which will give you an all access pass to the program and get you set up in our community. Next, you’ll have some goal setting time, which will allow us to create your first Tradiepreneur business plan!! This will help guide you through your time in the program, help you get clear on your vision and step you towards the results you’re looking for!

Program Inclusion #2


We have tested and found a proven method for helping you create a business planning schedule that gets results fast. So in the program you’ll receive:

Business Plan

90-Day Planning Sessions (2-hours per quarter)

Monthly Progress Reviews (60-minutes monthly)

Weekly Commitment Tracking

Program Inclusion #3


We know you want (and need!) quick results and we’ve got them for you! We have our Done-For-You and Plug-and-Play systems and template library for immediate access. This is where you’ll find every template, flow chart or checklist your business will need.
This is supported by hundreds of hours of teaching videos! From Waz and I taking you through how to use your new tool or implement your new system to archived expert sessions to help you grow and learn.

Program Inclusion #4


The biggest secret to our clients’ success is the way in which they are supported. Community is the backbone of our program and will help you to achieve your goals! We’ll get you set up and then introduce you to your new community where there is an abundance of support to supercharge your success!

Program Inclusion #5

Meet with the Experts

We’re big believers in experts in their fields and so we bring together the biggest and the best in their fields to share their expertise with you each month. We’ve recently had experts from marketing, self managed super, wealth creation, HR support, legal advice, negotiation support and system creation.

Program Inclusion #6

Private Podcast

We know how important your mindset is to generating your results. We’ve created our weekly Tradiepreneur exclusive private podcast to help accelerate the change required to get the results you’re looking for.

Program Inclusion #7

Ladies in Business

As women in trade businesses we face many similar challenges. Each month we come together for a 60 minutes session to debrief and support one another while having a little fun. Think of this like networking without the BS! 

Program Inclusion #8

Done With You Session

We know you need a little extra support from time to time., That is what our monthly 60 minute “Done with You” sessions are all about! We’ll power through implementing a system or utilising a template with you each month to ensure you’re ticking everything off your list!

Let’s Breakdown the Value!

Program Induction Training

Goal Setting Session

Business Plan

Weekly Commitment Tracking

Quarterly Planning Sessions

Monthly Progress Reviews

Monthly Ladies Only Networking Session

Monthly Expert Guest Webinars

Monthly “Done With You” Sessions

How-To Video Resource Library

HEAPS of Expert Session Video Archives

Member-Only Community

Private Tradiepreneur Results Podcast

Done-For-You Systems & Plug-and-Play Template Library

Join today and receive instant access to the very best ladies only business program focused on the trades business space.

Here’s Your Investment Options

6 x Monthly Instalments

$500 + GST

per month

Up Front Investment

$2,500 + GST

Pay for 5 Months, Get 1 Month Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Doors open Friday 3rd November 2023 and closes on Monday 6th November at midnight

Yes, you sure will! All the ladies who join the program will be on a similar journey to you in their business. Ages, locations and family life may vary, but they will all have the same goals as you! They will become your support network, and your biggest cheerleaders!

Any stage! You can join the program if you have an established, 20 year old business, or you can join the program if your tradie is a sole trader! The program is structured in a way to be inclusive of all types of trade businesses – no matter how big or small.

Yes, this program will be delivered online via Zoom. We also host an annual in person Ladies Retreat.

We know you are a bunch of busy ladies! So we have designed the program so you can go at your own pace. There will be approximately 2-3 hours of live online learning each month, and the rest will be up to you to access the resources online, and ask questions for guidance. But don’t worry, we will be keeping you accountable and making sure you smash your goals!

What’s stopping you from stepping up?

As women in business we hold a variety of natural abilities that make us the perfect fit for running trade businesses. We’re generally more comfortable with systems and structure, we’re implementers, creators and we have a strong drive to help our family achieve the freedom we’ve been chasing! 

With my 20+ years of business experience and 10+ years of coaching experience, put together with Warrick’s broader (read that as he’s older lol) experience, we’ve created a program that we know gets consistent results.

Once in place, your tradie can relax and do what they are best at, or follow your lead and aim to get off the tools and enjoy the lifestyle you really want. 

So what are you waiting for? Come join me and let’s get chasing your dreams!!