How To Reduce Cash Flow Stress

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Here’s our proven method on how to reduce money stress and avoid making the most common mistakes when managing finances

Wednesday 17th July @ 12pm

Wednesday 17th July
12:00-12:20 pm SYD

Let’s be honest—cash flow is an often overlooked aspect of the trade industry. We’ve all been there, struggling with it more times than we can count.

In this workshop, we’re gonna bust some myths and set you on the path to cash flow mastery. Say goodbye to scraping the barrel, and get ready to ride the waves to the top of the cash flow pool!

Are you a tradie who…

  • Is worried about having enough money
  • Works ridiculous hours and can’t take time off
  • Wouldn’t know your margin, markup or net profit from your elbow
  • Keeps getting told by your accountant that you’ve made a profit but you can’t see the money in your bank account

… and you want to get on top of your cash flow, then this workshop is for YOU!

In just 20 minutes we will show you exactly

Why your bank balance has nothing to do with the health of your business

The reports you’re currently looking at that confuse you, rather than help you

The 3 numbers you MUST know in order to succeed in business

Why your accountant is only telling you half the story (and why it’s not their fault)

How will this benefit you and your business?

business control program

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Then & Now: A Tradiepreneur Story

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Meet Matt Bruce from MJB Bodyworks & Fabrication


Matt’s life was tough. Barely making a wage, he worked long hours—6-7 days a week, 12-hour days on the tools, and nights on paperwork. Staff issues and customer complaints were constant, with prices dictated by insurance companies. His workload fluctuated wildly—crazy busy one month, then quiet the next.


Everything has changed for Matt. He cut up his credit cards and bought a new house with a pool. His commercial space has doubled, he’s upgraded to a new oven, and he’s hired more staff. Matt now gets paid the most in his business and receives a paycheck every week. He takes holidays, supports his wife with daily school runs, coaches his son’s soccer team, drives a new Dodge RAM, and enjoys smoking meat.

How did this happen?

Matt measured and targeted margins, reviewed jobs for mark-up opportunities, and changed suppliers to cut costs. He implemented job management and quoting systems to streamline operations and forecasted cash flow to stabilise the business. Developed a sales process to screen clients and used the Tradie Team Blueprint™ to recruit and reward staff transformed both his business and personal life.