Turn your Tradie Team into a Money Machine Workshop

Stop Your Tradie Staff Taking The Piss!

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Tuesday, 2nd July @ 11am SYD

Tuesday 2nd July
11:00-11:30am SYD

Ryan, a client we work with, made an extra $17k on just one job using this tried and tested system to stop staff wasting time on site, making mistakes and costing him cold, hard cash.

He did all this without being a hard arse or needing to micro manage his team.

Want to learn how to turn your tradie team into a money machine?

In just 20 minutes we will show you exactly what Ryan did to…

Stop staff taking the piss on site and wasting time

Charge his team out at the right hourly rate

Get his people doing their job right the first time, every time (without phoning him 17 times a day!)

How will this benefit you and your business?

business control program

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Real Tradies, Real Stories

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Then & Now: A Tradiepreneur Story

business control program

Meet Matt Bruce from MJB Bodyworks & Fabrication


Matt’s life was tough. Barely making a wage, he worked long hours—6-7 days a week, 12-hour days on the tools, and nights on paperwork. Staff issues and customer complaints were constant, with prices dictated by insurance companies. His workload fluctuated wildly—crazy busy one month, then quiet the next.


Everything has changed for Matt. He cut up his credit cards and bought a new house with a pool. His commercial space has doubled, he’s upgraded to a new oven, and he’s hired more staff. Matt now gets paid the most in his business and receives a paycheck every week. He takes holidays, supports his wife with daily school runs, coaches his son’s soccer team, drives a new Dodge RAM, and enjoys smoking meat.

How did this happen?

Matt measured and targeted margins, reviewed jobs for mark-up opportunities, and changed suppliers to cut costs. He implemented job management and quoting systems to streamline operations and forecasted cash flow to stabilise the business. Developed a sales process to screen clients and used the Tradie Team Blueprint™ to recruit and reward staff transformed both his business and personal life.